Are you looking for a trusted translation services provider who provides the best online voice-over conversation? So, you are at the right place. Langooage services are the best translation services provider one can experience.

These translations are extensive concepts. This deals with translating in an audio-visual language. Voiceover is a broader term. There are production techniques which maintain the quality of narration and also keep the intent of the message intact.

Do you want to have translation services which are combined with AI technology? Do you want to have voice-over translation that will make content more engaging and interactive as well. This can positively enhance the appeal of the media and maximise the viewership. So, langooage services are providing the best audio-visual translation services.

Voice over localisation is complex job and it takes a lot of linguistic and cultural elements to included in the translated document to get perfection in translation work. This helps one to rightfully protect the content and create connection with audience. Our translators do this with every project they undertake. This also helps to provide the desired push to the marketing efforts for clients. Don’t worry, translators would do that needful taking clients needs into consideration. So, when you need voice over translation services, competitive pricing and best quality. Langooage services is for you.

Voice over translation is giving the business the desired edge. This helps to increase the audience and get the business anticipated push. Voice over can be the best solution if the business needs an expansion.

Advantages of voice over translation

  • Boosting sales – This help to create or boost sales. The voice over translation is in sync with client script. The target audience is having clear understanding of the video. Theses translation in multiple regional language can captivate the audience to take interest in the brand and eventually increase the business income.

Spreading the reach – If the business reaches the target audience, it is sure to get anticipated exposure on all level. This help to persuade the target audience and hold the interest for longer. They assure considerable return on investment. This helps to give information to masses about the client and let the brand shine. So, if you see looking for voice-over translation services near me, the langooage services is the best one could ask for.

Access to regional markets – Are you venturing to regional markets who’s reach is humungous. Voice over translation in multiple language can immediately make a way for successful path for the business. The voice over translation need to explore the untapped territories and target new markets.

So, if you are looking to Expand the business, making content more relatable, explore the untapped markets, then langooage services are the best one in the market.


Maximise your reach using our multilingual subtitling process

Wherever in the world, when the video is watched, subtitling makes the voice heard exactly as one intend by audience. We provide a subtitling service which is tailored to the needs which ensure to reach large number of people with the video content.

Is your client looking for quality subtitling agency for television series, commercials, online videos or feature full length films?

As a professional, subtitling and voice over company, langooage services provides accurate, powerful multilingual services for videos and movies which ensure that the story resonate with local, international viewers. Langooage services are highly experienced and professional team which works 24*7 to provide quality subtitle translation services in any languages.

Subtitling is the method of including text to any audio -visual media  which expresses the message which is being spoken and allow people to read and understand the message. This method is for target audience who does not understand language of speakers. This involves process of conversion from audio to textual mode and conversion (one language to another ) as required. Looking for subtitling services near me, contact langooage services.

Are you searching for dedicated team of specialists who can provide high quality video subtitling services . Langooage service provide one stop solution from professional voice over services to post production services. With extensive knowledge and rich  experience in video and audio captioning and subtitling, langooage services  are best subtitling agency which offers multiple services like voice over dubbing to companies and individuals. Our clients consists of top marketing agencies, financial institutions, global corporations, start ups , design studios, publishers and more.

We can take care of all your subtitle needs so that one can broadcast the video content worldwide. We have a global network of translators, veteran voice talents for animation, Audiobook, TVC over requirement who are always ready to serve those who want to achieve global success.

We offer the subtitling services to client’s

  • Open subtitles – As a reputable subtitling company, langooage services derived is proficient in providing the open subtitles to any video. This is done by permanently adding subtitle text in original video frame which cannot be searched off by users.
  • Soft or closed subtitles- Soft subtitle is process whereby there is separate file which is specially marked up text with time stamps which is  displayed during payback. Langooage service provide the high quality subtitling services which can be turned on/off any time.
  • Intralingual subtitling – Langooage services provides Intralingual subtitles in same language which is being spoken usually treated for the same language movie or video .
  • Multilingual subtitling –  Do you know that 75% of Facebook users who watch video content without sound? If the social media videos are not subtitled, it is probably they should.

Multilingual subtitles should enable the video content to be understood in different languages and also increase the reach on major social media channels and there is no need to reshoot or rejoice the video for each market. We provide subtitling on all major media channels including Facebook, YouTube and linked in. Here the message is delivered effectively using multilingual subtitles.

We provide the subtitling services for

  • Marketing webinars
  • Videos in Social Media
  • Product demos and showcasing
  • Instructional videos
  • Health, safety and environment and quality .
  • Compliance with web accessibility directives

Full multimedia solutions – We offer end to end multi Media solutions which also include voice overs and transcription. We also advise on the best combination of products for campaign and target audiences. Whether one want to create videos or show a new product to world, then langooage services are here at your service.

Every assignment is unique. We offer competitive rates which vary depending on the exact requirements of client. We give the quality translator, having experienced in industry sector who can advise which work best for the project. Contact langooage services for quote.