Transcription service is a process to translate speech into written or electronic text. Many businesses are relying heavily on transcription services to provide written records of important information which can serve different purposes. These services include unique benefits which can make business safe and profitable. Looking for efficient, quick, best-quality transcriptions services, langooage services are the one-spot solution for your needs.

Times are changing and so is the data. Industrialists are counting on reliable, highly accurate transcription and data annotation for their business.

How we handle transcription

Linguists can transcribe CDs, audio tapes, video tapes and audio files or with a combination of languages which is depending on the speakers in the recording.

Audio / video content will be shared by the client via online file secure and quickly provide one with transcription which meets specific needs. We can receive the recording on cd or another format.

We help individuals, attorneys, police departments, investigative organisations. We help various department to transcribe interviews, podcasts, conference calls, academic research and lectures. We can accommodate or create the template specifications and digitise the material. No matter the language or industry, we have got you covered.

We provide transcription services in following industry verticals

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Corporate
  • Academic
  • Government sector
  • Media
  • Entertainment

Langooage transcription services is one stop transcription services provider. We are trusted source for accurate for transcription services. Our team consists of efficient and talented transcription professionals who have rich years of experience in multitude of background to ensure expectation of transcription are met. Our goal is to provide professional transcription by guaranteeing 99% accuracy for good audio. Looking for transcription services near you, when langooage services is there, quality is guaranteed.

Why us

  • Human accuracy – All the projects are handled by professional human transcribers. We do specialise in transcription services for different industries and deliver 99% accuracy on the transcription.
  • Faster turn around time – No matter your business or expertise, we at langooage services provides fast, accurate transcript of merging, conferences, interviews, videos. The transcription project is completed and returned to you faster and accurate than ever before.
  • Reliable self service – We are team of compliant, discreet and professional and working with us is as easy as dragging and dropping the file in uploader and waiting for delivery. We provide the reliable services on cloud platform so as to transcribed the audio /video files effortlessly.
  • Most Safe – We are committed to provide safe and secure transcription services which protects the privacy of the audio or video content

Benefits of choosing langooage services

  • Simple pricing – We of get transparent pricing module so that client is sure about the cost before purchasing.
  • Online ordering is secure – The content is safe, guarded and protected. Our better workforce only uses secure tools.
  • Quick delivery – We have always round the clock service to serve our client’s best.
  • Guaranteed Top Quality – We hire the best and professional transceiver who are trusted for quality.
  • Powerful technology – The powerful software platform make it easy to deliver high quality results quickly.
  • Support and Customer Service – We are available 24*7. Our client can reach out to us any time.