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The high-quality English proof-reading services are perfect for authors who require grammar and consistency check on their manuscripts drafts right before the submission. If you are looking for quick, best proof-reading services, langooage services would happy to serve you. The English proof-reading services are suitable for researchers who first language is English and who are sure that writing does not contain any language or grammar mistakes.

Proof Reading services are suitable for &

  • Book projects
  • Articles
  • Journal articles
  • Research projects
  • Manu’s scripts
  • Documents like cover letter and speech etc.

Who we are

We at Langooage services are award winning team of processional editors and proof readers which supports 10,000 clients in 20 countries.

We provide services mentioned below

  • Proof reading
  • Translation
  • Publishing services
  • Resumes and cover letters

We are trusted with thousands of documents from around the world. Let us help you next with proof reading services near you.

Process of Proof Reading

Every document or manuscript is submitted to us is matched to editors with highly specialised subject area -expertise. The Langooage service promise guarantees that a manuscript edited by us will never be rejected on basis of poor language. On a rare occasion, if rejection occurs, the responsibility of re-editing paper for re-submission at no additional cost will be on langooage services. The strongest system, processed, professional editors and in house quality management system will help us in delivering promise to authors. If you are looking for quick turnaround, easy and affordable proof-reading services, langooage services are at your side.

Why select langooage services

  • Professional editors – Our human editors are experts in various fields. The handpicked team is undergoing a rigorous selection process and it is supported by latest technologies.
  • Privacy protected – We utilise bank grade security to protect the client work. The document security is important. We understand and keep the sanity to keep it safe.
  • Quicker turnarounds – We select the turnaround time which fits the deadline of client project.
  • Quality Assured – We strive for client satisfaction. The quality assurance process for the editing and proof-reading services is rigorous. The processes are independently verified as per global standards.

Value added features


  • Plagiarism check – Langooage services help in identifying areas in the document which might flagged as plagiarism.
  • Certificate of Editing – This is the proof which states that paper has been reviewed by professional and native English-speaking experts.
  • Cover letter – Detailed cover letter which highlight the paper important points which is to assist in knowledge and learning.
  • Academic resources – comprehensive and updated resources for researchers, publishers and editors to assist knowledge and learning.