Do you want to meet the written translation services in fast manner. You are at right place. Langooage services provides translation services in all languages. All types of written translation jobs are carried out by experienced and professional translators as fast as required.  Get consultancy services for written translation solutions from Langooage services. We provide certified translation services in less time with great quality at competitive prices.

At Langooage services, we believe and work towards client orientation. We have clear list of businesses who approaches us for voice and dubbing services. These are our core services which will be in our priority to provide to client’s.  We have earned our brand image as language services with the good habit of delivering projects on time which comes the with well organised model which also helps to provide excellent service every time. If you are searching for certified translation services near me, then you have come at right place.

Few are pre-Requisitives-

  • Get the depth of the project
  • Arranging the sample test for the job.
  • Getting approvals for voice leads.
  • Plan the recording project plan.
  • Using the updated technological software for match and excel in industry acceptance norms.
  • Completing the translation project to delivery team for review and confirmation.
  • Getting ready for any review from the client end

Within few and simple steps, langooage services are able to scale up and creating mark for translation accepted services in industry.

Why choose Langooage services –

  • Fast turnaround – We provide per word pricing which is fraction of cost of traditional agencies which drive the business in new markets at competitive rates.  We offer competitive pricing and there are no limits on adds on or minimum spend.

  • Efficiency – We have 21000 certified translators who are working across all major time zones and we comfortably keep pace with client content needs, no matter the volume. We provide translation in over 70+ language needs. We have set a record of 5 million words being translated on weekly basis. 

  • Excellent Quality – Not all translators are evaluated on ongoing basis but also provide consistent quality at scale. 

  • Huge size of translators – We have good sizeable team of professional native language translates around the world. 

  • Fast Delivery – We deliver the documents on time as we value client time and dedicated towards our promise of delivering on time. 

  • Certified Translation – All the processes are carried out as per the quality standards of iso 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015.

  • Human Touch – We have integrated API and built-in quality tools which helps to eliminate workflow inefficiency and boost consistent and quality across projects. We are using advanced, intuitive platform. 

We are having experience in providing professional translation services at the most competitive rates in the industry. We have the vast experience in translating wide range of content types. Have a look –

  • E-commerce product descriptions
  • Travel guides
  • Online articles
  • User generated content
  • Marketing copies, ads and social media
  • Websites and apps
  • Email documents and more