Is the increasing cost of localisation burning a hole in your pocket?

Are you looking for an experienced partner for crafting the overall localisation strategy?

Is the team’s core focus shifting from product development to translation management??

If the answer is Yes. You need localisation services which are the best and most competitive.

Langooage services are the one spot for localisation services which provide the services at low costs.

Statistics prove that 90% of Indians prefer to read the data in their mother tongue and trust brands which post about their services in their native languages. 31 % of brands have at least one localised page.

Who we are

  • Langooage services are leading language localisation services company.
  • Have 10 years + of experience.
  • Success stories created across company sizes and various business verticals
  • Expertise in different processing methods to create localisation solutions.

If you want to launch the company website quickly and smoothly, then langooage website localisation technology will help in a smooth process. The website localisation technology is available on the cloud-based and it is created using best-in-class technologies which significantly reduced the project management burden for teams. This also reduces the burden on IT or development teams. This is a user-friendly method of creating and maintaining translated websites that offer key features and also benefit global ambitions.

Our website localisation services are automated and very simple as one can translate the website without help from a developer.

If you are in a start-up, then you can then set up and launch the multilingual website even in one day.  Get the localisation services from the big organisation as one will get a dedicated team to set up the multilingual website as per the specification through the enterprise plan.

Langooage services ensure that a localised website stays in sync with an English website at all times whether to update the content or add or remove the pages. The users will always see the same information on the website no matter which language they choose. If you are looking for localisation services near me, then langooage services are best choice as they provide services in different industries, best quality and competitive prices.

Why localize with Langooage services

We help to reach an Indian audience of online shoppers, app users and game players to give them a local experience in their language. We help them to eliminate routine translation costs, automate the process and easily track progress.

  • Increased web traffic
  • 86% higher click-through
  • 20% increase in conversion rates
  • 6 times increase in engagement with Geo targeted content.

While working with leading automobile manufacturing company, langooage services help them to achieve website localisation in Hindi language. This platform helps to see 13% increase in website traffic in just three months of its deployment.

What makes langooage services the platform of choice?

We support website localisation services which helps in –

  • Reducing costs
  • Display quick results with quick turnaround time
  • Ensuring full data security where all sensitive information is saved and stored with client.
  • This is achieved through minimal human efforts (launching and scaling multilingual website.
  • Reduced translation resources requirements
  • Eliminated the need for maintaining multiple infrastructure for content team
  • Ease to use dashboard for effortless proof reading and editing.
  • SEO Friendly as it is custom tailored content which is localised to fit search requirements. This also provides customised URL that benefit strong SEO strategy.

So, what are you waiting for?? Come in contact with Langooage services for localisation services provider.