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We are professional translation company which furnish with translation services in various languages. We provide services like proof reading, translation linguistic testing, typesetting. We have excellent team of translators having rich years of experience. There has been rigorous evaluations system which is carried out to work with best linguists around the world. Our team of translators pick the perfect translator and reviewer. Our translator picks the latest technology, process to automate the process, monitor quality and save time.

We make sure that clients get a top-quality translation. Professional translation services are making sure that translation is not just about getting words right but also making sure that role, intent, context and nuance are felt and understood. We have done translation, editing and proofreading in over 150 languages. We always use the services of proficient native speakers and subject matter experts to edit and double-check all the translations.



At Langooage, we do the translation of websites, documents, apps and articles and blogs into local languages with flavour, flair and nuances of the region. Customer experience is amazing as content is made for them especially.

Professional Translation

We provide translation in different industries over 15 languages. We offer attested translation services over 7 years. We are one spot solution for high quality translation services. We handle each project with perfection. Being an ISO based Certified company which provides professional translation and attestation services all over the globe. We have established as brand who gives client amazing experience to handle every new translation project with perception.

Localization Services

Localisation is process of adapting product translation to specific country or region. This involves study of target client and adapt the product to local needs. This is related to cultural adaptation and translation of software, video, games, website and technical communication. The localisation which ensures the cultural terms but it us not focussed on direct translation. Our linguists professionals pay attention to spelling, expressions, idioms, vocabulary, cultural references.

Interpretation Services

Global clients use interpretation services one-to-one when a group of people don’t understand the source of the original language. We are a competent team of interpreters having proficiency in multiple Indian and international language pairs. We provide these services at affordable rates.

Proofreading Services

Organisations should consider proof reading as a just exercise so as to keep content in the original form along with mannerisms and target audience in mind. Our translators keep in mind to review the text and check whether it should make sense. They make sure to have check on word usage, punctuation, grammar and spelling. There are no translation errors.

Transcription Services

The document which is transcript properly as when speaker can convey the words exchanged during the conversation between two parties. Our translators use the different Mode of communication which is in form of audio, video or any text language which depends on the ease of speaker. We offer transcription services.

Voice-Over & Sub-titling

Langooage has efficiently used voice-over & sub-titling translation in projects where a foreign language is used to establish an emotional connection with the target audience. We have helped the client in their growth as voice-over boots sales as customers are likely to purchase a product where information is presented in their native language.